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At once captivating and poetic storytelling and a reflection on personal history and coming of age, What the River Was is a collection of poems that gives us a chance to pause and to consider the beauty of the world around us, the gravity of small things, and the quiet moments of our everday lives. At the same time, it asks us to examine the irony of the moments when our awe and appreciation for the environment are overshadowed by overconsumption and inevitably, destruction.

By incorporating both original and found poetry, poetry that pulls words and phrases from existing texts and transforms them into something new, What the River Was invites us to cross into a world of McIver’s creation, a world entirely his own and yet familiar enough to call ours as well.

What the River Was

  • Additional Information

    Paperback, 6x9

    76 pages

    Released November 2020

  • About the Author

    Andrew McIver is a writer and poet from Asheville, NC. He has had poetry featured in several literary magazines including One Sentence Poems, Open Palm Print, and Lackadaisy Literary Magazine. He has two published collections of poetry, Weekend Revival and What the River Was.

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